Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Well HELLO there!

It has been FOREVER! Lets face it! And today when I went to sign in I had to change my password and then now I see all the changes blogger has made. UH! I don't want to. I've had this blog since Jan of 2009. I actually began writing before I was even expecting Piercen. I am NOT a fan of change.

So my last entry was in March of 2013. Almost an entire year ago! I am going to highlight the rest of 2013 and bring to date my blog. Piercen began Karate and loved it. I am sad to say that baseball season came and I was in the hospital in July for a week and we didn't keep going on a regular basis. He did test and became a SR white belt and has had ever intention to return. He caught on so well and enjoyed it twice a week. It was just hard because after summer came football season and then we just finished basketball last week! Crazy busy. Fun but always busy. Isn't he adorable ?!?!?

                                                           His instructor Mrs Yarbrough.
I loved this place because they used scripture and teach the word of God as they lay a foundation to begin.
                                                           Everything  Christ centered.

We spent spring break in Tulsa and went to our first ever hockey game. Jeremy  used to play hockey in college on a mens league so he is familiar with the sport but I knew nothing about it. It was SO much fun! Piercen and I both loved it. Piercen was NOT thrilled about the OK aquarium. It was WAY over crowded. He was not able to feed the sharks and that made for a bad day. It will def be a while before we return.

 He was really disappointed. He did enjoy the coral reefs and all the fish but this was the highlight of his trip and it was a total mad house!
Tulsa Oilers vs Wichita Thunder
OILERS win!!!

Easter was a BLESSING!!
We colored eggs and he loved it. We also EGGED people this year and it was so funny watching him run up to doors and run. We will def be making this a tradition and honestly, I am already looking forward to it!

 We of course made CUPCAKES! I will be honest, he isn't really into it as much as I wished but he knows my love for baking them and decorating so he helps and then he loves to deliver them to family & friends!

Easter Picture 2013 6 years old
 SPRING also brought two other huge blessings! Spring is when things come alive, they begin to grow and NEW life comes. Piercen was baptized by Jeremy and we heard the news that Aaron & Brittany were expecting a baby!! Both such great reasons to REJOICE!!

                                                                          Jolie Pearl

We picked strawberries (always) and started T Ball once again! Piercen played both first and third base. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My dreams came true .....

I remember as a little girl the dreams I dreamed of my life some day. Some of those were going to college, becoming a nurse, getting married, having a family, traveling and the list goes on. As I grew up and my plans started to pan out there were times God had something in store for me along the journey that maybe didn't go just exactly as I had dreamed! I didn't finish college after three years of hard work and I said I'd never marry a preacher after growing up being a preachers kid! Never ever say never! I'm thankful today God did choose a different path for me yet he gave me the hopes & dreams I'd had! I remember praying for The Lord to allow me to be a wife & mother before his return! Crazy? Maybe to some! Really my dreams? YES and I'm not ashamed. I have such a wonderful, Godly husband who is not only the man God made for me, but the man of my dreams! Because of him I have the most incredible little boy! I prayed even before we were expecting that our child would love The Lord, be saved at an early age and serve Him all the days of his life.. In January he was saved and it was incredible to witness! Just when I thought the moments couldn't get any sweeter I watched my little boy wash his daddy's feet today in our Easter service as the example our Lord left to us and take communion. We didn't ask him to but he asked... I am not in any way bragging on my little boy but I'm bragging on The Lord and what he is doing in my life! I've asked so much of Him especially lately and He never fails to answer every single prayer... Every single time. Our plans aren't always His but His are perfect! I can't imagine my life any different today! Thankful tonight, my heart is full.
John 13:14&15

Thursday, June 21, 2012

For my records ...

Well today is day 60 of our life style and healthy changes for our lives. God began dealing with me that I really needed to change some things. I ignored it for way too long. So my time is NOW.

On day 30 Jeremy and I did some measurements. I wanted to kinda see where I was loosing and how much from each month. It really encourages me because I realize we aren't 'dieting' or doing a calorie count but literally just changing things! I believe even if it is a slow process and not a crash course it is okay because we are doing this forever. We are taking control. It isn't just a diet for a period of time.

On day 30 5/21/12 we measured four points of my body. On day 60 6/21/12 I have lost 12 inches calculating those four points. I am so excited. Also, we did some other measurements tonight so I can also check those areas. Much encouragement for me.

I had lunch today with some of my girl pals.. Heather and Shannon. MUCH needed after a gloomy weekend/week without Griffin. Jeremy tried again to call the breeder of the Maltese to see if she had heard from Lisa, the lady we sold Griffin to b/c we were under the assumption we were getting him back if we could help her get another puppy. She even requested a girl and still ........... NO RESPONSE. I am still so very sad.  I needed some good laughs today and I was blessed.

Tonight we had Piercen's last t-ball game for this season. They played the Canes for the championship. They won. 24/22 and played great. They were so pumped, came TRYING hard and won. Yeah boys. My boy played so good. The past several games he has done so well. I am so proud of him. My momma, dad, both brothers and SIL came. Piercen was excited :)

Really trying to MAKE time to blog. I miss it and I read so many others when I should be journaling my own life<3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My heart is broken.. literally.

I can't believe we made this decision! We gave Griffin away on Saturday. I am sick. Just sick. The guys are doing better with it than I am and everyone keeps saying it will get better with time but I do not believe them. Anyone who knows me knows I am not an animal person. We actually prayed about getting him for Piercen for a very long time. It was perfect.. our idea of it all, planning it all out, the birthday celebration, the treasure hunt and now I am crushed. I feel like someone has died.

I know with puppies they bring some frustrations, I know he has had some accidents and I know we debated a few times getting rid of him because Piercen lost interest in playing. Almost like a new toy, you get it, your crazy about it and then a new one comes along. He would play with Griffin but seldom without saying "OK, Piercen you need to play with your puppy". I felt sorry for him. He would spent too much time in his crate. Then, he did have several accidents. I was SO mad a few times because once we had just taken him out and he came in to play with Piercen in his room and peed all over his new, adorable bed spread. BUT.. now that he is gone. I miss him. Kinda like the saying "You do not know what you have until it is gone". Yep.
Fits the situation to a T. I talked with my momma about it and she says with the heat and weather being HOT, then getting so COLD in the winter that type of dog didn't 'fit' our family. We would take Griffin everywhere with us.. well, until it became too hot. And maybe she is right. Maybe the type of dog we chose wasn't right but still ... I have no idea why if all of this is true why I feel so bummed. I now have to reap what I sowed. I agreed with Jeremy to get rid of him because he spent one day last week five hours in his crate, we came in and he was crying. I felt horrible.. the home he was going to have five children. I just knew it was best but now he is gone I am not feel that way at all. I love this little guy. I miss him. Jeremy has asked for him back,we tried to make an arrangement and the lady said we could and now for two days won't respond to our calls or texts.. I have a feeling we won't get him back ever again. Ya know, second chances. Wish I had one at this. URG. I have a huge feeling they are in love with him, that fast. I am.

I can say I love this puppy like I've never loved another animal before. He will always be part of my heart. I'm praying some how we can get him back. I can guarantee if we do I will never gripe about poop again!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Really? Four months?!?

I can't believe I haven't taken the time to post in four months. Yes we have been busy but that is ridiculous! I am ashamed to be honest. I get on the computer look at facebook, my email, and even read other blogs and haven't even taken the time for my own.

A lot has taken place in four months. In January Piercen returned back to Pre-K after being out for the Christmas holidays. He was asking us if and when he was going back to school. I cracked up.We didn't get much snow. It really only snowed one time enough to even get the sled out. Bummer. Piercen did get to play in it a day or so in the front yard on his sled but other than that it melted so fast we didn't get to really 'play' in it much. For spring break we stayed **HOME** and played and did things around here. We were going to go to Branson but honestly, after being on the road for nine years and finally getting into a normal type of routine all   we care about is being here. I am getting itchy though for a vacation I will admit!

In April I named "VIRTUOUS PHOTOGRAPHY" and became a legal business. I am so excited. I've been staying really busy up until now and I am steady. I am enjoying it and that is what matters to me!!! I do not want to stress.. I want it to be pure fun and blessing others with 'capturing the JOYS He gives".  Piercen also began playing t-ball and it is so much fun. The first few games he hasn't real sure what was going on or what to do but with each practice and more so each game he is figuring it all out. The past two games have been great. He has made it so fun and exciting.

 Dads health is doing well, Mema is doing well and had eye surgery again and it went well. She is released from the eye doctor.

May 14th  Piercen t graduated from Pre-K and had PERFECT attendance!! Yeah for my boy. We are so proud and he has learned so much. He received a trophy for learning scripture/bible verses. So  proud for him. Now we are ready to enjoy our summer and that is exactly what we are doing. KOA opened the pool early - two weeks. And you know its our own little swimming hole :) They normally aren't open til Memorial day weekend (which is today) but last week was our first full week of "SUMMER" so we called and they were already open a week prior. So.. guess what? We went to swim  FOUR days. BLISS!!!

                                                         Virtuous Photography's first shoot!

Today we are gathering with our family for a picnic, swimming, fishing and playing. I am so excited. I have promised myself to STOP and take a few minutes to take pictures. I get so busy that when it comes to my little family I forget to get the camera out. Sad huh? I am going to be do better at that ... AND my own blog.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello 2012 .. Excited to be here!

We ended 2011 with the holidays & then our boys "5" birthday. My OH My was it fun! I planned every little detail and had a blast! There is so much I could say about it but I will do so with pictures .. I had someone come and take pictures so I have over 700 of them! No joke!

We had candy and lots of it.. a candy tabe.. we had GOLD (Twix) and SILVER (Hershey Kisses) which were our LOOT, we had (Red Swedish fish) our CATCH OF THE DAY, HOIST THE SAIL (Laffy Taffy), and lots of JEWELS (Ring suckers and beaded necklaces/rings). The biggest hit were the meatballs at the food table that Jeremy made ... .. CANNON BALLS!!!
Games we played were WALK THE PLANK, SWAB THE DECK & we had a Pinata. The kids loved all of it. Following gifts, cake and fun and games we had a treasure hunt that Jeremy wrote. It was so much fun!! Each clue along with Piercens friends helped him to find his HIDDEN TREASURE!!! He was shocked and his face was priceless.

This pic is right before he opened his treasure ....

My pictures aren't even in order nor am I happy with blogger because it is not working right. I have messed with it for an hour and I just want to scream! This is one reason I never post. Always complicated!

Happy Birthday Piercen Kennedy, you are my JOY! I love you and I pray my love always gives you roots!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Holidays at HOME

Well .. Dec 1 arrived today AND so did our newest ELF on a shelf, NOEL Christmas as J and I have named him. Isn't he just adorable?!? You will have to google lots of things about these cute little elfs and find out just what this is all about. FUN FUN!!

He arrived today.. as best as we can tell he opened the blinds, came through the window and flew into the tree. Patiently waiting to see how Piercen would act today! About 9 pm we 'noticed' he was there and we introduced him to Piercen. He is here on a mission to watch Piercen the next 24 days and report to santa just how good of a little boy Piercen will be! I wonder what he will do while he is here? If he will eat any of our food, make a mess, help us clean up, hang from things and play while we are sleeping? Hmmmm.....

Piercen is doing great in preK and is enjoying it. He hasn't missed any school and loves it! Thank you Lord we are into December and he is healthy. Doing great! They are studying hard for lines for the Christmas program which will be December 12. I am so excited. Piercen has a few lines and has some of them memorized. We are now working on the others. He will do great I know!! We are nearly done with our shopping. Black Friday was fun as always. I enjoyed myself. And God blessed me with picture money to pray for ALL of it :) Thank you Lord. I am still getting calls, people still wanting to me to take pics so I am praying what the Lord will have me to do with a name and business. I just give it to him and let him lead.

Jeremys papers are turned in and all for college. Now he just is waiting to take the compass test. YEAH J! Proud of you...

Our tree is gorgeous.. J worked hard on our mesh we added. I love it!!! Thanks honey!!!